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1Commercial/Interstate Frontage Sect. 32-T10N-R4E (Shawnee) No Reserve12.04
2Potential Commercial Sect. 07-T10N-R4E (Shawnee) No Reserve2.91
3Highway 18 Frontage Sect. 17-T11N-R4E (Shawnee) No Reserve35.80
3AHighway 18 Frontage Sect. 17-T11N-R4E of Pott. Co. (N. of Shawnee, OK)33.97
4Highway 18 Frontage Sect. 8-T11N-R4E of Pott. Co. (N. of Shawnee, OK)10.99
4AHighway 18 Frontage Sect. 8-T11N-R4E of Pott. Co. (N. of Shawnee, OK)9.52
5Commercial Sect. 1-T9N-R3E of Pott. Co. (N. of Tecumseh, OK) 1.00
6Residential Build Lot Rock Creek East Add'n, (S. Rock Creek Area/Shawnee)1.00
7Wooded Residential Area Sect. 22-T10N-R4E (South Rock Creek/Shawnee)3.00
8Wooded Residential Area S. 25-T11N-R1W, (Choctaw Ok. School District)26.50
10Home 1518 W Wheeler House & PropertyNo Reserve0.19
11Home 1522 W Wheeler House & Property0.19
12Lot, Seminole Addition, (Shawnee, OK)0.08
13Lot, Sect. 13-T10N-R3E of Pott. Co. (Shawnee, OK)0.29
14Wooded Acreage Sect. 11-T9N-R4E of Pott. Co (E. of Tecumseh, OK)84.20

One of a kind. approx. 5,000 sq ft house with an approx 5,000 sq ft building on top of the house. Limitless options.


15Farm/Turnpike Sect. 35-T15N-R4E of Lincoln Co. (Chandler, OK)30.00
16Residential, Larkin's Meadow Add'n, (Shawnee, OK)3.76
17Lot Portion McDivitt Add'n (Shawnee, OK)0.10
18Wooded Acreage Sect.11-T10N-R4E Pott. Co. (E. of Shawnee, OK)49.39

Bobby Bennett: Auctioneer/Agent
Brian Mahaffey BHHS Benchmark Realty Listing Agent
Mobile: 405-306-4566
Office: 405-275-8182

Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Conference Center

Pottawatomie Fairgrounds @ Hwy 177 and Independence

Bobby Bennett
Keller Williams Auctioneer/Agent
Mobile: 405-308-7880
Office: 405-273-1900
Brain Mahaffey: Listing Agent

Family Estate Settlement & General Property Liquidation

***Terms of Auction (See Below for Complete List): 10% payment required day of auction,Cashier's Checks and Personal Checks Accepted​ (Buyer’s premium commission 8 1⁄2%)


Auction: May 18, 2017 @ 7 PM

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Check back regularly and ask about PRE-REGISTRATION DISCOUNTS


1.  RIGHT TO WITHDRAW:  Successful bidders / buyers shall be given a grace period of 72 hours after the auction to examine the details of their real estate purchase, and may within said period withdraw from their real estate purchase contract without cause or penalty, resulting in a full refund of earnest money or down payment.   However, after said 72 hour period successful bidders / buyers can no longer withdraw, and must then fulfill all terms and conditions of their real estate purchase contract.

2.  CONCESSION DISCOUNTS:  Property owners have agreed to pay 100% of the title Insurance, and 100% of the closing agent fee for any successful high bidder that completely fills out the website buyer Information form 24 hours prior to the auction.  However such concessions are subject to State, City and Federal Laws and regulations.  In the event any of these said concessions are found to be in violation of any such laws, then these concessions will be withdrawn by the owners without them suffering penalty or recourse.

3.  NO PRICE RESERVE:  Owners state that Tracts 1, 2, 3, & 10 will likely have no reserve, meaning they’ll likely be sold to the highest bidder.

4.  INGRESS/EGRESS ISSUES:  Tract 1, Tract 2 AND Tract 17 may be landlocked, meaning ingress or egress to these properties could be an issue, and legal action could be required to gain proper access.  However, even legal action doesn’t guarantee that proper ingress/egress access would result, and buyers bare 100% of the risk for such.  

5.  WATER ISSUES:  Tract 18 has had unsuccessful water wells drilled within its boundaries in the past, and owners make no guarantee as to any type of adequate water access. 

6.  ANNOUCEMENTS:  Announcements made at the May 18th 2017 auction will supersede all other prior written or verbal auction information or agreements. 

7.  MINERAL RIGHTS:  No mineral rights will be conveyed with any of the properties. 

8.  BILLBOARD EASEMENTS:  Owners reserve the right to create billboard ingress/egress easements and billboard maintenance easements for properties with existing billboards, and also reserve the right to create both aforementioned billboard easements for properties with Highway 18/Harrison Street frontage for any billboards that may be constructed in the future.  

9.  PROPERTY RIGHT LIMITATIONS:  Properties are subject to easements, instruments of record, reservations and covenants.

10.  AS IS:  All tracts are sold as is, meaning all will be sold and accepted as is with no guarantee as to property condition. 

11.  FLOOD ISSUES:  Also, owners make no guarantee’s concerning flood issues for any tracts, and potential purchasers bare 100% of the risk for such.  A large portion of tract 3 is likely in a flood zone, and potential purchasers are responsible for confirming such. 

12.  PRICE RESERVATIONS:  Owners reserve the right to determine acceptable prices for all properties other than Tracts 1, 2, 3, & 10.  Owners further reserve the right to wait until all auction bidding has been completed to establish said acceptable prices.   

13.  PROPERTY REMOVAL RESERVATION:  Owners reserve the right to remove any property from the auction without cause or penalty, even after bidding has completed, which includes properties that have no reserve. 

14.  WARRANTY DEEDS:  Warranty Deeds will be issued to all properties, subject to easements, reservations, covenants, instruments of record, and other possible exceptions, including those described in the above paragraphs.

15.  RECOMMENDATION:  We recommend potential buyers seek legal advice from attorneys for any of the above information they don’t understand.

16. BUYER’S PREMIUM COMMISSION: A buyer’s premium commission equal to 81⁄2% of the property’s sale price will be paid by successful buyers, which will be paid in addition to the sale price bid at auction.

17. ZONING & USE: Properties may be labeled commercial, industrial, or other. However, this doesn’t mean proper zoning has been obtained. It means properties may potentially be used for such, but not guaranteed. Property zoning and property use are the sole responsibility and risk of the buyer/bidder